Raising the Bar

I remember my first pair of platforms. I was 17, they were a funky pair I found at Far East Plaza in Singapore (which was pretty much where I shopped for everything back then) and they were clog-like but not actual clogs. Wish I could find a picture...

Anyway, I could run in those things. It's amazing how fearless you are before you roll and sprain your ankle. Or in my case, take a wrong step on gravel and wipe out. It was the same day a friend said "wow, how do you walk in those do you ever fall?" and I said "Nope, never."


In spite of my weak ankles, I have always had a soft spot for wedges and platforms. Maybe it's because I'm only 5'3" and I enjoy that extra height. Maybe I'm a sucker for punishment but show me a big wood or cork heel and my willpower fades and I'm dropping some cash.

Recently I purchased my first Chie Mihara shoes from Anthropologie.

Ethel by Chie Mihara

At first glance they look super tall, and look like they'd be hard to walk in. But they're on sale so I thought, what the hey right? Well not only are they super comfortable, they're lighter than they look and SO easy to walk around in. The arch is perfect, my weight is evenly distributed and I just know that I'd be able to walk all day in these shoes and not want to cut my feet off.

One of the girls at the store told me a little bit about Chie, how she worked at an orthopedic shoe store where she learned more about feet and foot problems and she now makes her own shoes. I came home and did a bit more research and here's what I learned about her:

  • She makes her shoes by hand

  • She designed shoes for Sam & Libby, Charles Jourdan and since 2001 her own line

  • Japanese parents, born in Brazil

  • She's big on comfort and design ("You don't have to suffer to be beautiful.")

  • All her shoes are worn and tried on at least twice before they go into production to ensure comfort and design are both at 100%

  • More here

I'm attending a couple of events this week, between these shoes and a pair of surprisingly comfortable platform wedges I bought a couple of weeks ago, my feet are going to look and feel awesome. All day long.