Hip To Be Square

When The Husband showed me this when it first came out (He is a fan of the Lonely Sandwich) at first I thought, ooh, craft fair people and Farmers Market people should really get in on this.

Then I thought "Fat Straw could really use something like this because cash only sucks."

THEN, the food trucks made their debuts in Nashville and suddenly there's tons of opportunity for people here in town to use Square yet NO ONE IS. No one whose business I patronize anyway. I would love it if the farmers at Farmers Markets here use it so if I do run out of cash I have another option. Or if the Grilled Cheeserie did too or Bang Candy. Or the people at the Flea Market!

So if you know someone who runs a small business who isn't willing to pay the credit card company fees, who uses an iPhone, iPad or Android gadget and who really needs to start accepting credit cards (because really, how many of us women carry cash?) send them to Square. It'll be worth it.

For everyone.