Singapore: Shin Yuu Sushi Buffet Dinner

Oh god I can't believe I almost deprived you all of this recap from my trip home last year. Here we go.. SUSHI TIME!!! And lots of it too!

Tucked away in a little neighborhood is Shin Yuu, a Japanese restaurant built into an old shophouse. It sits among a row of restaurants and (to our amusement) a little pub called The Wagon Wheel completed with country tunes and Singaporean men in cowboy hats and western boots. We didn't go in.

The restaurant itself was cozy and great for groups.  Not too noisy but not too quiet either.  There was a group of 20-somethings at the next table who looked like they were winding down with a birthday celebration and they ended up staying for drinks after they were done eating.  No one rushed them away, a steady stream of people came in after we did.  We opted for the buffet dinner where you pick from the menu.  Even ala carte, the dishes were of reasonable prices for good quality fish. They didn't smell funky, the sashimi wasn't slimy, and the color of the fish wasn't fake like you sometimes see at some sushi places.

If you choose the buffet, you're warned not to order beyond what you can eat because if there's anything left, you get charged according to what it costs on the menu so you're forced to be modest.  Also, they bring you a HUGE array of complimentary dishes like roast pork, shrimp tempura, gyoza, oysters... it was a ton of food and we got our money's worth.

Chawanmushi, complimentary grilled puffer fish

Puffer fish, or blow fish, tasted a lot like bak kua which is a sweet, barbequed pork snack.  It's a lot like jerky but not dehydrated or dry. I'm not going to lie to you Marge, it wasn't bad at all.

Sashimi. Delicious, tender, not fishy

Eat eat eat!

Egg egg egg

It's quite a gem of a restaurant tucked away in Bukit Timah. Parking's a little tricky but it's never that far a walk in Singapore which meant we could walk off what we ate after! We were so full and pleased with the meal, I do recommend it if you're looking for an easy place for Japanese food.

Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant | Hillcrest Park, 16 Greenwood Avenue, Singapore 289209 | +65. 6763. 4939