Roast, Inc.

Ever since my last visit home to Singapore and my time spent at local coffee roaster / single-cup brewer Pa Pa Palheta and owning my own Hario drip kettle I've been keen on finding a place here that does the same thing (single cup). Not too long after, a Twitter user, @RoastInc responded to a coffee-centered tweet I sent so I looked them up online (like I do). Turns out, they're the only place in Nashville that does what I was looking for and it sounded like the owner, Brad, is someone who has a passion for coffee only Third Wave-rs express and I couldn't wait to make my visit.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with single-cup brewing, it's exactly like what it sounds - each cup is brewed individually and not from a giant pot. It's kind of like what you see at Starbucks where each espresso brew is made-to-order. The difference is, in a cafe like Roast Inc., the espresso machine is not the only method used to brew your cup - there's the Hario drip which is a light, deceptively tea-like consistency with the robustness of good coffee. The siphon, a science experiment looking method that makes a smooth cuppa, then there's the French press, AeroPress and other methods that are as fun to watch as they are to taste.

According to their website, Roast Inc. is a craft coffee roaster and based on what information I could find, this means they work solely with smaller coffee growers, they're able to tell you precisely where the beans they get come from and ensure quality coffee. They also are huge supporters of local businesses and use Hatcher Family Dairy and serve those Grab The Gold bars.

I ordered a medium drip El Salvador Siberia that comes served in a stylish Bodum coffee mug and loved it - as promised by the very delightful girl who made my coffee, it was slightly fruity and light and I really enjoyed the flavor. Now, I'm no expert, I just might as well be strapped to an IV of like drinking coffee and while I'm normally an iced coffee girl in the summer, I will drink a fresh, hot cup on a 92 degree day when it's done right and Roast Inc. does it right. She also gave me a sample of their iced Vietnamese coffee (drip coffee with sweetened condensed milk yes please). I think I know what I'm ordering the next time I go in!


Yes the medium (so not small!) is probably the equivalent of a Venti at Starbucks yet I paid half of what I would have at the chain for, dare I say it, tastier coffee. Now I'm no Starbucks hater, I'm just a new fan of Roast Inc. But the reason I only order specialty drinks from Starbucks is because their brewed coffee is too harsh for my palette - it's always brewed way too hot, and it hurts my stomach. Same goes for a lot of the local cafes and it may have a lot to do with how they're brewed - in one giant pot where it sits and stews all day.

This is why I enjoy the single-cup because the methods used can produce smoother brews without the gas or heartburn. My favorite method is the Hario drip which is what I had that day and I recommend you try it if you haven't had it before. P.S: Roast Inc. is the only place where you'll get it unless you brew your own cup at home! Those of you who are interested should know that Roast Inc. also offers classes. Give them a call for details!

Food wise they have muffins and bagels and a fridge full of juices and healthy drinks. Do note that they close at 3pm everyday which works out because this old lady shouldn't be chugging caffeine after 3 o'clock anyway!

Roast Inc. |  4825 Trousdale Dr. Suite 11, Nashville  |  615-730-8074