West Nashville Farmers' Market - Naoko's Delight (Pt. 1)

Thanks to Lesleyeats, I had motivation to get up before 8am on a Saturday. It's been a while since visiting the West Nashville Farmers Market and in spite of the heat, I think today's trip was worth it. Most people head to farmers' markets to get local produce and goods but since we can barely get through our weekly CSA delivery, I didn't have a need for anything except to satisfy my craving for some Asian treats.

I made a beeling for Naoko's Delights and after an initial freak out thinking I didn't have enough cash, I unfolded $10 from the bottom of my purse and was able to purchase almost everything she sold. I also treated myself to some snacks to eat while at the market with Lesley and our friend J.

Naoko, who's lived in Nashville for a couple of years now, makes yaki onigiri on site. In case you're not familiar with it, yaki onigiri is a snack made of Japanese glutinous rice shaped into a triangle or a ball and wrapped (in her case sandwiched) in seaweed. She had two flavors on hand, a shoyu (soy sauce & sesame) and miso (she made a glaze out of the paste) and she very quickly grills them before serving them to you. For only $2 each, this is a damn good snack that's delicious and easy to eat on the go, much like most Asian food snacks.

Guess who's a little homesick?!?!?

Naoko and her friend hard at work in the heat

This is the shoyu yaki onigiri. I sprinkled some of the chili powder on it - yummo. I liked this one best, its flavor is really mild.

Miso's a little more flavorful and while it's good, I think I'll stick to the shoyu.

The grilling gives the rice a crisp outer layer so there's all sorts of texture in a tasty compact package. You bite through the seaweed, then the crisp, sesame seeds and the chewy rice. If you missed it this past weekend, Naoko will be back this Saturday so you must go by and try something.

West Nashville Farmers Market | Every Saturday 9am - 12pm | April - November