Naoko's Delights - Pan & Orange Cake

I may have stuffed my face with yaki onigiri while at the farmer's market on Saturday but I came home with some more of Naoko's Delights treats to have over the weekend too. It was hard to resist buying all of them (she had five things for sale) so I bought three. The other two items I didn't get were a green tea pound cake and prune pound cake. Neither of those sounded especially unique so I went for two pans and an orange cake. Pan is Japanese bread. I think it actually means bread. Anyway, it's tasty. Makes for a good bun to encase either sweet or salty things.

Deluxe red bean pan with an apricot in the center. I ate half, saved the rest and ate it on Monday after heating it up in the microwave for 20 seconds. It was a good, light snack and hadn't gone stale at all.


Veggie curry pan - good curry flavor without it being too curry-ish, if that makes sense. It was lightly spicy, and the veggies were cooked nicely, they weren't too mushy or crunchy.

Chiffon orange cake. I love chiffon cakes - they're so light and super fluffy and not filling at all. Usually made in a bundt pan, one of the cakes on my to-bake list is also of the chiffon variety. Must try soon. For now, Naoko's orange cake will keep me happy.