The Wild Hare

So many places to eat in Nashville, so little time. On a rare occasion that I could get away from the computer I met up with Lesley Eats for lunch at The Wild Hare. She'd mentioned them to me last week saying she got a preview of their food and vouched that it was good. Wonky eye be damned (the stye was still bothering me) I hit command+s, slapped the laptop shut and left the house.

The Wild Hare is on White Bridge Road in a little cottage looking structure with a wood deck out front. Best landmark I can give you is the Sprintz furniture store - the restaurant is directly across from it so when you see the furniture place on your left, start signalling and slowing down to turn in. They have a pretty large gravel lot along both sides and behind the building so parking is ample. The restaurant itself is quite spacious with a long table down the center that you share with people (also good for big groups) and little tables and booths to the side. They have high chairs for kids (Baby Eats came with us) and the staff are super friendly.

As we sat waiting for our orders, I noticed people finishing up and leaving and pretty much everyone left with to-go boxes and I soon found out why. We split a $4 appetizer of Tempura Garden Veggies (red peppers, carrots, zuchini, yellow squash) and asked for both of the dips on the menu, a chipotle onion dip and a jalapeno gouda dip.

That mini cauldron of goodness is the jalapeno gouda. Also good on fries.

You might not be able to tell in the picture but holy cow that was a ton of food. It was more than enough for two people to split. The veggies were fresh, they weren't soggy like most deep-fried veggies and the dips were both great. Next up, I ordered the BLT - Benton's bacon, avacado and the regular fixins. Warning - on the menu it doesn't say that it comes with fries so I ordered a side of fries ($3 for a small side*) but the sandwich came with fries anyway. This may have been opening day enthusiasm on their part so when you go be sure to check with your server.

That sandwich was bigger than my face.

Because my eyes are typically bigger than my stomach, I also ordered a side of Mac n Cheese.

The macaroni was cooked well - al dente and the cheese, oh the cheese. It was smokey, well flavored, Lesley was right it tasted as if it had bacon in it and it didn't. Well done!

I liked that they took orders on iPads. Their ingredients seemed fresh and the wait for food wasn't long. Granted we went at 11:30 before the lunch crowd gets there but the attentive staff continued to refill my iced tea (half-and-half, got it right every time) and were very accommodating to our requests.

It was such simple fare, even simpler prices and it was plenty of food for one person. My suggestion is to share or at least be prepared to bring some home. By the time we left around 12:45 the place started to fill up with people which was so exciting to see. I hope they do well, if you can make it over there for lunch do try it. They're not trying to be fancy, the food is basic with good flavor and overall, my experience there was pleasant and I'm already planning on taking The Husband with me on a weekend. There are other items I saw on the menu I want to try - Beer Batter Fried Mushrooms ($5!!), a half beer can chicken, their grits, the deviled eggs, the lobster pizza... guess I'll be going more than just once! Hope Lesley Eats is available again soon!

The Wild Hare | Facebook Page | 316 White Bridge Rd, Nashville | 615.818.0219
*Not small at all