An Idea for Food Truck Fest

A few weeks ago, Marcia of Yelp! Nashville mentioned an idea for a Food Truck Festival. With the current review of food trucks and parking permits in town, I guess the biggest issue would be to find a place that can accommodate all our food trucks (or at least a good number of the ones who want to participate) and not piss anyone off.

Thanks to an old friend I visited with this past weekend, I have an idea: what if the Mall at Green Hills lets the trucks park around their lot that's in front of Restoration Hardware/New Balance after hours on a Sunday? Once the mall clears out around 6, the trucks can roll in and set up shop. OR they could park in the lot where the old library used to be or where the Junior League is. That whole area is HUGE.

If the restaurants around that area are a) still open and b) balking at the idea of food trucks in their territory, they can be invited to participate as well and set up tables/booths with their food. There would be tons of parking for people who want to go to the festival and plenty of space for the trucks!

Yes yes, I am aware that there's a lot more, logistically, that goes into something like this but this is just an idea. A lot more thought would have to be put into how to execute this plan - who to call, permits etc but personally, I like this idea and I think it's do-able.

What say you?