Victim Of Fashion or Fashion Victim

It's never a good sign to start a post off with a disclaimer but know that I'm sorry if I offend with this post, this is a personal opinion. Feel free to disagree but let's all try to be mature about it.

My father always asked me this question when I tried to tell him that all my friends are dressing a certain way and I want to too: "Are you a victim of fashion? Or a fashion victim?" It doesn't make a whole lot of sense but it made me think about what I buy and how I shop. I like trends as much as the next girl but I'm also not one of those people who typically goes with the flow unless it's a trend I know will look good on me and that I like a lot like platform shoes or flared jeans. I'm not about to rush out to buy something just because the prices are suddenly within my means because to me, I don't feel like I'm buying real thing.  Hey,I'm all about a bargain. But there's a difference between a bargain, buying something authentic on eBay and going ape-shit over what is essentially a designer-approved knock off line of their product. The only difference between this and Forever 21 is the designer's seal of approval. And maybe quality. A little.

Now, I will admit, I do like a lot of the accessories, home goods and furnishings I've seen from the Lookbook but the clothes? Really?



To be honest, I've never been a fan of Missoni clothes - too busy, too colorful and I associate it with the ladies who lunch back home. I also associate it with older women who wear animal print clothes. It's just been around for so long, and obviously I've never been able to afford it, and older women tend to have a lot more money so they can afford it. Plus I just don't like crazy colors and patterns regardless of brand, least of all ones that look like a Magic Eye poster.

Cool! It's a sailboat!


Couldn't they have styled these pictures better? It's all too much together. I do feel that some of Missoni's patterns are pretty in small doses like this scarf and the clothes are nice, they're just not for me. However the "designer" clothes for Target have always looked cheap because, who are we kidding, it's TARGET!!! And that's the point right - that it's now within reach? UPDATE: I'd like to share that I have a ton of clothes from Target. I love shopping there. I usually START there when I need something because it's crazy affordable for decent quality. What I'm trying to say is that the designer lines have, a lot of the time, looked poorly put together.

Now, that's something I've always appreciated about the designer lines for Target - it's nice that they're making an effort to cater to the people like me who can't always afford $200 scarves or $800 wallets. I totally get the appeal I really do and I've bought some things from some of the older lines. I fully understand that it's a big deal that Missoni, a design house of such prestige is doing this but I (again, PERSONALLY) am not into buying cheap versions of a designer's line just for the sake of owning something by them unless it's such a phenomenal product that looks like designer quality at Target prices. The Target line of clothes are Target quality but hey, if it makes you happy to own a little piece of a brand you love then great. I get it, I'd probably do the same if it were Lanvin or Alexander Wang. What baffles me is how MANY people rushed in. I had no idea there were so many Missoni fans in America!

From what I've seen on Twitter, I'm not going to be able to see the clothes for myself since every Target within decent driving distance is sold out. So in all seriousness, I'd like to know what the quality is like - is it just like all the other designers who have made things "for Target" where from a distance, it looks nice but up close the fabric quality is cheap and everything looks like it might as well just be fake? Or is Missoni taking it to another level and giving us things of quality? I really want to know. The home accessories look cute and worth checking out and I may even get a few things because I don't run the risk of being seen on the street with the same votive 50 other people have.

A big part of me still doesn't get why people went so nuts over it all, I'm not sure how many women can truly say they heard of Missoni till this line was announced. Hey maybe that's why the designers do it - so more people would know who they are. Could it be that Target is the gateway drug to higher-end fashion? Either way, I'm interested to see how my more fashionable friends who shopped the line wear the clothes and what they think of it. As for the old women who are victims of fashion, I have a feeling it's all Juicy Couture velour track suits all over again.