Chinese New Year Superstitions (From Her Nashville)

Now that the Western world has put away its noisemakers and put the empty champagne bottles in the recycling, it's time for the Eastern world to prep for it's coming Lunar New Year. We say goodbye to the industrious rabbit to make way for the only mythical creature in the Chinese zodiac, the dragon. To welcome this fiery year (or any new year for that matter) there are a few things us Chinese like to do to ensure as much good fortune and prosperity.

Before New Year's Day:

Out with the old ~ Spring cleaning is a must to make room for new energy. Everything has to be scrubbed, dusted and swept out before new year's day because anything swept out over the threshold at that time means you're also getting rid of new fortunes and some even believe it means you're getting rid of someone in your family.

Once you're done cleaning, put all brooms, cleaners, mops, dust pans and whatever else you used away.