More Food From Home

Not sure how many of you have been watching The Layover or how many of you have seen old episodes of No Reservations but Anthony Bourdain loves Singapore and rightly so - it's a great country for a diverse selection of food from all cultures and countries and it all tastes SO GOOD.

Plus most of it's cheap (hawker centers and food courts), but there ARE some very expensive restaurants (Michelin star, top restaurants in the world lists and more) as well.

Here are some of the dishes I got to enjoy while home.


Clockwise from top left:

Cai tow kueh - carrot cake, the "white" kind, it's usually fried with sweet, dark soy sauce. I prefer it without because it's saltier and tastes a little lighter.

Roti Prata (with biryani, curry chicken and vadai) from our prata party where the guy made it right there for us. Video to come.

Kaya toast from Toast Box - check out all that butter!! Yum.

Wantan mee - the springy, deliciously textured noodles with char siew, veggies and wantans with extra chili sauce. I really want some now.

And this was all within the first two days.

Brace yourself, there's still more Singapore trip/food updates. Yes yes I know I'm slow and it's already almost February but I was there for three weeks and I procrastinate.

That, and, I'm drawing this out because I'll be seriously homesick once I'm done posting. Bear with me won't you?

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