Handy Dandy Production Co. - custom, innovative design to fit your needs.

This is James Worsham. 


James is the proud owner of Handy Dandy Production Co., a creative company that provides custom services for residential and commercial design, furniture and, knowing how awesome he is, that James can create using his hands and some nifty tools.  

I got to visit his studio last week and fell in love with everything he was working on, from the custom desk to the test tube vases. His work is a marriage of old, found objects given new life thanks to James' woodworking and sculpting skills.   


With a background in furniture design and art, it's just a fitting progression (to me anyway) that James went from outfitting the window concepts and in-store retail displays at Anthropologie for four years to, now, making people's homes as interesting and spectacular with his skill.

Right before Handy Dandy, James began (t)here ("here and there") , a pop-up shop concept that challenges the conventions of storefronts and retail. This year, Handy Dandy came to life  and has been fitting homes in Nashville with custom furniture and art installations, as well as providing consultation on retail decor - Handy Dandy Production Co. had a hand in the interior design in Thistle Stop Cafe.

Stay tuned, James has a ton more fun projects in the works, and I'm really looking forward to seeing them come to fruition. Check out more of his work at HandyDandyProductions.com and be on the look out for more Handy Dandy pieces around town! You can also see what else James is up to by following Handy Dandy on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can shop for some items on the Handy Dandy Etsy store here.