Otaku South XLRG - the biggest ramen event Nashville's ever seen.

You know how much I like to eat, and how much I enjoy a soupy bowl of ramen so words cannot express how much I'm looking forward to Otaku South's event on Saturday - Seven types of ramen, all being cooked by some of the biggest names in the ramen world in one venue. It's going to be SO much fun.

Read on for how you can win tickets to the event and, better yet, hang out with Otaku South and some of the chefs the night before for a special preview at Otaku South's kitchen.

This 2nd XLRG event is for charity and 100% of the profits from the evening are going to the Pablove Foundation, so as you're enjoying helping after helping of ramen (there will be a vegetarian option) you're also helping fund pediatric cancer research. Win-win.

Each food ticket is $11. Tickets to stay and see Guilty Pleasures are $15 each. Ramen service starts at 5pm and is open to all ages till 7pm. So here's a few tips for the evening:

  • Get your tickets in advance (click here). The lines will be long, you don't want to spend time waiting in both the ticket purchase line and THEN the food line so buy them now, go right to the end of the rainbow for that pot o' noodles.
  • If you're staying for the show , get the combo show + food ticket, then get another one or two food tickets. Trust me you'll want to eat more than one bowl.
  • Some of my very smart food-loving friends are enlisting the help of their food-loving friends and going as a group so everybody gets a chance to at least taste all of the ramen being served, and then getting more of the ones they like for themselves. That's what you'll want to do too.
  • Also, wear something loose or stretchy (or both). Then dance all of it off when Guilty Pleasures starts performing!!


Would you like to spend the evening before the event with some of the chefs? Otaku South is giving 2 ramen heads the chance to visit the kitchen and hang with a few of the chefs while they cook and prep for the event. Each person will get 2 tickets to Otaku XLRG the next day as well. To qualitfy, all you have to do is sign up here, no purchase necessary. And you won't be with just any chefs - you'll meet Yuji Haraguchi (Yuji Ramen), Ivan Orkin (Ivan Ramen) and the chef that's been named on of Japan's ramen devas, Shigetoshi Nakamura (Ramen Lab). If you love ramen, this is your chance to really immerse yourself in it and hang with the best.

This is going to be a kick ass event and with all profits going to Pablove so go hungry and treat yourself to, in turn, help them. Their story is both heartbreaking and heartwarming so I encourage you to check out what they do. Hell, check it out anyway because the organization is doing awesome things to help families whose children have cancer.

Now, if you can't make it that night but still want to contribute, Sarah Gavigan (Otaku South) and her friends have a specific fund to which the night's profits will go. It's the Teddy Berger-Greer fund, and you can donate by clicking here.

If you do go to the event, and you plan on posting to Twitter or Instagram, don't forget to tag all your posts/pictures #OtakuXLRG!