Things to do in Nashville this weekend

It's a weekend of pop-ups! Starting this evening with Stellashops' event at Posh through Saturday afternoon with another of my favorite bloggers' events while staying fueled with some depressed pastries. Join me, won't you?

Friday 3/14

Stellashops, Nashville's go-to shopping and style blog, is hosting an event at Posh this evening so if you're in between work and happy-hour, head over to Hillsboro Village to check out some killer jewelry.

Saturday 3/15

Best described by many as a "blend of edgy and classic," Pennyweight's style is one so many women covet but rarely can pull-off. I personally love how rough-hewn yet soft a lot of what she posts is, and I cannot wait to see what's available at the pop-up. Click on the picture to get to her post about it.

But before I head over there, I'm treating myself to some pastries.

It's not as gloomy as it sounds and what's gloomy about a bunch of cupcakes, pastries and cookies? NOTHING.

Sure, the treats are all going to be grey, but bakers (if they're good) can get really creative and hey, sometimes you just don't want all your treats to be pink! Sales from the Depressed Cake Shop benefit local charity, Centerstone, which provides mental health services to the community.

Sunday 3/16

Suzy Wong's House of Yum is starting brunch service on Sundays from 12 - 3pm. I got to partake in their preview last week and the food we had was delicious. They have fun cocktails and mocktails, plus there's entertainment every 30 minutes. It's fairly kid-friendly, except the music gets kind of loud but not unbearably so unless you're hungover. And even if you are, this is a great place to soak up Saturday night's indulgences!