Happy 2016!

The new year is just a few hours away and I'm equal parts excited and nervous for what it holds. 2015 was a good year for me and I know it's within my control (for the most part) to make 2016 just as good, if not better. 

2015 Highlights: This year I...

Let go of a few things and took on some new things.

Learned to acknowledge my abilities and limits (though this is always a work-in-progress!).

Became a godmother to my sister's first born.

Stopped declaring how "busy" I was every time someone asked me how I was and boy has that made a difference!

Lost my grandmother, the woman who raised me and who instilled in me a love for cooking.

Went to Dubai for the first time.

Got featured on Design*Sponge

Learned calligraphy.

Saw Stan Lee in the lobby of a hotel.

Started with LEAN Personal Training and am enjoying the shape my body's taken and how strong I've been feeling.

Learned to say "No."

I'm not usually one to make resolutions, I just try to improve on things I'm working on with more conviction. This year I hope to be better at:

Saying "no" to bad deals and "yes" to great opportunities.

Time management.


Taking time for myself.

Stepping away from my computer and putting my phone away.

Travel more.

So happy new year, everybody! May 2016 bring you joy, fun and what you hope to achieve.