Biscuit Love Brunch - All Your Brunch Are Belong To Them.

I friggin love breakfast food. Coffee, eggs (the runnier the better), pastries (the buttery-er the better), jam, more eggs, grits, sausage gravy, BISCUITS. So was I excited when Biscuit Love Brunch opened for business? Hell yes. Am I still excited and do I still want to go there every morning? Yes. I don't though, because self-control.

It's everything you loved about Karl & Sarah Worley's Biscuit Love Truck - the friendly atmosphere, the great food/menu (now with more items!) and the overall fun experience but without, y'know, the whole truck thing. Like not having a place to sit, eating out of a to-go container, being outside... although I will say that Biscuit Love was one of the few trucks I didn't mind going to because it was always worth it.

Biscuit Love Brunch is a fast casual restaurant so you order when you walk in, find a place to sit and they'll bring your food to you. So you'll still have to queue up but it's a matter of minutes between ordering and then settling in and getting comfortable in their beautiful restaurant to chow down.

Speaking of chowing down... (hover over image for caption)

It's a kid-friendly restaurant with kid-friendly menu items. It's also great for vegetarians (donuts are vegetarian right?) and they have good options for most if not all dietary restrictions. You can park in the garages in the ICON and the other condos around the Gulch (most offer free parking for an hour) or in the lot across the street or by a meter if you can find a space.

They're open every day from 7 am - 3 pm, and if you're in a hurry they do have a grab-and-go case in the front so you can pop in, pick something up and be on your merry way.

If you're going over the weekend, get there before 10:30, it won't be AS packed. However if you do get there and there's a line, know that the fast casual format can make things seem like they're going to take longer but it's really not that bad. Again, it's worth the wait.

And don't be a D and send someone to get a table first while you or someone else in your party orders, least of all when there's a long line; just order as a group.

Menu favorites:

Lindstrom - shaved Brussels sprouts, 2 poached eggs.

A biscuit on the side - this one's made with a different style dough/technique from the ones normally used in their sandwiches. I like to order the Lindstrom with this on the side.

Bonuts - Fried biscuit dough, blueberry compote, lemon mascarpone. If the picture I posted doesn't get you salivating, you're a monster, why are you even still reading this??

Here's a bit of a menu hack. Nasty Princess - It's the East Nasty, but with hot chicken. IMO, for a non-hot chicken restaurant, Karl Worley is one of the few people who knows how to do it well.

See their full menu on their new, snazzy website. You can also follow them on Twitter, Instagram and go like their page on Facebook. But the best thing you can do is to just GO.

Biscuit Love Brunch  |  316 11th Ave S in The Gulch  |