Breakfast options in Nashville: Midtown Cafe

When I first moved here in 2001, there weren't many good local restaurants and the ones that did exist were excellent. Midtown Cafe was one of them, owned and run by Randy Rayburn one of the original restaurateurs in Nashville (RIP Sunset Grill) and the fact that Midtown is still thriving till this day means he's doing something right. Randy's menu is classic, nothing trendy, just good food you know you'll enjoy when you go in.

Midtown serves lunch and dinner and starting Monday September 19th they'll start serving breakfast!

Official release from Midtown Cafe:

Breakfast will be served Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM until 11:00 AM with limited breakfast service through lunch, until 2:30 PM.  The menu focus will be on approachable and elevated morning dishes and will be a welcome addition to the West End corridor, currently limited on options for a seated breakfast.

As a kickoff the first week of the breakfast launch will be dedicated to benefitting a variety of local charitable organizations.  Each day, Midtown Café will donate 10% of breakfast and lunch sales to various non-profits.   Monday, September 19 will be dedicated to the Brian Uhl Scholarship Fund benefitting the culinary students at the Randy Rayburn Culinary School at Nashville Community College.  Additionally, Tuesday 20th will benefit Our Kids, Wednesday 21st benefits Project Return, Thursday 22nd funds will be dedicated to the Country Music Association Foundation and Friday, September 23rd will benefit Monroe Carroll Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt.

Midtown Café, soon to celebrate its 29th anniversary under stalwart restaurateur, Randy Rayburn who has owned the business since 1997, made the decision to open for breakfast after noticing the increasing need for sit down breakfast options.  The new menu, currently under development, will include a large variety of breakfast favorites like omelets, pancakes, French toast with apricot crème fraiche and a Wyoming inspired dish of Tennessee trout stacked on a bed of fluffy scrambled eggs.

Sounds good to me! Especially in the Midtown area where there's plenty of lunch and dinner options but hardly any breakfast until you hit the Gulch or downtown.

So support and eat a good local breakfast to get your day start! 

Midtown Cafe|  102 19th Ave S. Nashville 37203|