Convertible Spaces

When I tell people that Singapore is the size of, maybe, Rhode Island and I finish that sentence off with "and has a population of 5.5 million people and growing" most can't fathom fitting that many people on one tiny island. It can be done, but at the sacrifice of one thing we tend to take for granted - space. A majority of the population in Singapore lives in high-rise flats. Small spaces that could easily fit into some of what we consider smaller houses here. Families raise their children in 2 bedroom flats, and do so easily. It's a much more efficient lifestyle for sure.

Here in Nashville, it's the opposite - we have space and tons of it. It's the first thing I noticed when I moved here, the first thing my parents noticed when they visited - you can see for miles. Or, well, you can see mountains and hills and land for miles unlike Singapore and most parts of developed SE Asia where the skyline is comprised of tall buildings as far as the eye can see.

Taken from the rooftop of a mall downtown.Honestly, I'd love to live in a smaller space. Ok let me rephrase that: I'd like to THINK I'd be able to love living in a smaller space. While I do love my house and the hassle luxury of having a backyard and a garage and what not, I envy the efficiency of living in a highrise and, if you're lucky, the amenities that come with it. If the Terrazzo weren't so damn expensive with its monthly fees and far-from-perfect construction, we'd move in there in a heartbeat. I would, anyway. There's a pool, gym, doorman, garage parking, and the floorplans are ideal. Still, it'd be a huge decrease in square footage and we'd have to give up a lot of stuff.

Unless, we end up doing this:

Now, apartments in Hong Kong are teeny. It reminds me of where we lived in Boston before moving to Nashville - a beautiful but cramped studio apartment in a brownstone. Here in Nashville, we're fortunate enough to have tons of space but that doesn't mean we can't be efficient with it. Why not fit 3,000 sq ft worth of living space into 1,800 right? Thanks to Life, Edited, we might be closer to that than ever. Check this out:

Life Edited is founder Graham Hill's goal of living in a tiny New York apartment and doing so happily by "living with less stuff and more flexibility and comfort." I also love the site's motto: Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

By using the same principles Gary Chang used and years dedicated to living efficiently, Hill has managed to "expand" his 420 sq ft apartment into a functional oasis. The NY Times has a slideshow on it and a huge article about him and the apartment. Now, Hill and Life, Edited are working on some cool projects with some big names in Vegas, a city that definitely isn't lacking in space. Just because we have room to spread out, doesn't mean we have to and even in an area of 350 square feet, it's all still open and airy. Love it.

I'm now looking at how inefficiently the spaces in my own home are being utilized and since I won't be moving anytime soon, I think I'll at least use this weekend to reorganize some things. Hope this inspires you all as well!