DriSuit - For Your Underwater iPhone Photography Needs

The Caymans was the perfect excuse for me to purchase something I'd seen on Photojojo - the driSuit waterproof iPhone case. What with snorkeling, pool time (although we all now know that didn't happen) and beach time, I wanted to capture every moment I could and keep my phone from drowning.


Left: Picture's nice and clear with the suit on. Right: I'd kicked up some sand right before dunking my hand down to take a picture of this fish.

I'll admit, I was nervous about submerging my iPhone so when my drisuit arrived, the first thing I did was submerge just the case in water. I filled a pot with water, clicked the pieces together and dropped it in, only it didn't drop, it just floated.

That was a good sign.

Then I pushed it underwater and held it there, watching for any tell-tale signs of leakage like bubbles and still, nothing. I dunked, I held it down some more and finally when I was confident enough, I put the case on my phone and dropped that in water. That's when it sank, sans air bubbles and as I sat with fingers crossed, I made myself leave it in for a minute.

Bone. Dry.

All four days in the sun, sand and sea, my iphone stayed safe in the DriSuit. I also ordered the floatation wrist strap and that kept the phone afloat and bobbing alongside me in the shallow water and it kept it securely on my wrist as I swam among the fish.

Had it been one of the sunny days we were there, this video would be even better. But it turned out to be the one cloudy afternoon on our trip. No matter, the iPhone and driSuit still performed and I got my video!

Unfortunately at the time, Photojojo's driSuits were backordered and they weren't going to be able to ship them to me in time for my trip so I went to driSuit Technologies, the company that (you guessed it) makes the driSuit. They sell accessories like the floatation wrist strap and waterproof earplugs if you want to listen to music and keep your headphones from getting ruined. The audio jack is protected by a well-sealed cap and reviews say that it works well. My primary goal was to take pictures so I didn't bother with the earphones but the float worked like a lifejacket for my phone. I wouldn't recommend just leaving it floating though! Also, the wrist strap itself didn't chafe and I'd imagine a regular string strap would after getting wet so that was a nice feature.

So for all you canoers, white water rafters, snorkelers, beach-goers and water babies out there - if you're as keen as I am about capturing every moment of your adventures while out on (or in!) the water, I highly highly recommend investing in a driSuit. Also, if you like sitting by the pool or going to pool parties, you can now jump into the pool worry-free because while your wallet and clothes are sopping wet, your iPhone's safe.

Oh! And I must thank Tim, the GM at driSuit Technologies. I waited till a week and a half before leaving for the trip to buy a case, not realizing that they were backordered. After waiting past the 5 day delivery mark, I emailed them and I think I did a good job hiding how frantic I really was but told them when I was leaving for the trip and that I would love to have the case to use. Tim wrote back, confirmed my order and DELIVERED THE CASE TO ME WITHIN 2 DAYS just so I could have it in time. Awesome customer service is awesome.


That said, don't do what I did and hassle them. Just get yourself one NOW. If you're a Photojojo.com fan like I am, you can also get the driSuit from them here!