Elaine Turner Opens Boutique in Nashville!

The Mall at Green Hills has a new tenant and her name is Elaine Turner. They opened just last weekend, and looking at their merchandise, I have a feeling they'll do well in Nashville.

Price point isn't super high-end, nor is it low, I really think it's where lots of women in this city will be comfortable. A friend of mine has one of their purses and a pair of boots and the quality on both look great so if you haven't already been to the store, do check it out.

In fact, let's make it REALLY easy on your wallet - want to win a shopping spree? From now till November 29th, just go to Elaine Turner in the mall, ask for the form and register and you may just win $1000, $500 or $250 to use on some fun, new accessories.

Don't forget to tell them I sent you. WHen you register, it'll ask for the blog from which you heard about the contest!

This brand is new to Nashville but is already quite popular in other cities. What is really cool is that they support several charities and causes. I'm also all about it when a brand has a blog! It looks like they've been going to some lovely eateries in town and sound like my kind of people.

Truthfully, I wasn't sure it was my style. On sight, I felt it was more grown up and preppy than I'm accustomed to, I mean, I shop at Anthropologie/Urban Outfitters and random boutiques in town and online. My style is very basic and it's, well, my style. But I did find a few things from Elaine Turner that I really do like and would like to own.

I really need a good pair of flats I can wear with skinny jeans and lately, I've been eyeing tuxedo loafers. I'm not usually one for animal prints but zebra prints have always looked like a lot of fun so the Blake loafer is on my wishlist. Sure, I could go out and buy a cheap pair of loafers but, call me an old lady for saying this, cheap shoes hurt my feet and fall apart in a day. I want a pair of flats I can wear all the time that won't hurt my heels to walk in and look good. I think Blake may accomplish that so, time to save up.

LOVE the color blocking on the purse and that raffia clutch is something I could use for day and night.

My next trip to the mall, I'm making a beeline for Elaine Turner to see what other goodies I'd like to have. I hope you manage to stop by as well. Don't forget to bring that invitation with you and register to win! For now, have a look at what you might want to add to your own wishlist at ElaineTurner.com.