Funk Seoul Brother

Boy those Vandy students are going to have access to some damn good food when they get back from the summer hols. Funk Seoul Brother, the food truck known for its massive sushi burritos, now has a brick & mortar location right in the heart of Vanderbilt's campus in the Wellesley Place building and they are open for business!

funk seoul brother nashville

The first thing to hit you when you walk in is the bright, really fun pop-art like decor that just WORKS in there. There's even a TV with K-pop videos playing nonstop (and two more below it that screen Korean dramas) but the music isn't obnoxiously loud and you can still have a conversation without yelling. It reminds me of the little Korean restaurant my family likes to go to in our neighborhood back home only funkier which I guess is the whole point of "Funk Seoul Brother."

The space seats 45 at two bars and a community table. Take-out orders (which I will probably do a lot) are encouraged and at some point they'll add delivery. There's free 1-hour parking in the attached garage so it makes getting in and out really easy too. Funk Seoul Brother is a fast casual restaurant so walk in, check out the menu board and order at the register.

As I'd mentioned before, FSB has been making waves lately with their sushi burritos using Japanese ingredients and some out-of-the-box flavors. Sushi burritos, which apparently originated in Singapore and have a cult following in major markets nationwide are sticky rice, proteins & veggies rolled into nori and served burrito style.

Rounding out the menu is a variety of poké bowls: tender chunks of sushi grade fish served salad style with rice and fresh vegetables, and a list of Funk Seoul Brother signature menu items, including bi bim bap, Korean BBQ tacos, and kimchi fried rice with bulgogi.


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I ordered the Kimchi Crack Rice and the Shoyu poké bowl (small). Both were great, the tuna in the poké was super fresh and the crack rice had a delightful flavor though I would have loved to have gotten a little more kimchi and spice. The portions are quite generous; the small poké bowl filled me up enough and though I powered through the crack rice, I had enough to bring home to have for lunch the next day. For dessert, I ordered boba because I haven't met a boba I don't like. They offer three flavors - coffee milk, milk tea and cereal milk. I went for the cereal milk option and ordered Lucky Charms which also comes with the marshmallow bits floating on top. I tried some of my friend's Fruity Pebbles boba and I think I'll go with that flavor the next time.

Check out their retail wall too. It wasn't full yet that day but owner BJ Lofback promised every flavor of Japanese Kit Kats on the shelves soon so this means I no longer have to wait a year between stocking up on Sakura and red bean Kit Kats.

Also, they have some Asian flavored Cheetos which I need to get my hands on too. Checkit:


Funk Seoul Brother is now open for lunch only from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and will soon expand to dinner hours, staying open until 9 p.m. Go, check them out, and be kind as they are only into their first week of the concept and tweak things based on constructive customer feedback though I doubt you'll be disappointed!

Funk Seoul Brother • 2057 Scaritt Place, Nashville • Follow: @funkseoultruck