I Had A Little Lamb

Warning - If you're vegetarian or vegan, this is not the post for you. Look away.

The Husband and I attended June's installment of Vivek's Epicurean Supper Club and boy was it an epicurean adventure. Partnered up with locavore and chef Jeremy Barlow (Tayst, Sloco) and Laura Wilson who heads up the Nashville Farmer's Market's Grow Local series. The dinner was a lamb, nose-to-tail meal and having never experienced this before, we were excited to sign up.

Let me just say, I now know what "fries" are when listed with other innards - they are not made of potatoes. I took a bite of each item though and can happily say that I gave it a shot. I probably won't again.

We had a ton of fun, and it was a really cool experience that I can't recommend enough. Here are some (iPhone) pictures of our very very very awesome dinner.

 Left: Carpaccio. Right: Salad

Kachori. This was great, we have a similar snack in Singapore called curry puffs which, I guess, are the same thing.

L-R: "Fries." Liver Mousse, Grilled Heart/KidneyOne of my favorites from the evening - Lazzaroli's pasta with braised shank. SO good.Leg of Lamb. It was SO good. Oh look, there's the chef in the background.

Beet cake. As you know, I don't eat beets. Unless Vivek's baking another one of these babies then sign me up because ohmygodfluffycakeygoodness.

You can see the full menu from that dinner here. And don't be TOO jealous, if you missed that one, Vivek has another supper club coming up this Saturday, 8/18. There are still a few seats left, this is great for groups so grab some friends and go. Drink Music City sponsors the cocktail pairings and this Saturday's dinner's drinks will be served by the talented couple from Pourtaste, Jon and Lindsay. We had them at the lamb dinner, and they were so sweet to make me some delicious non-alcoholic pairings to go with my meal.

RSVP to Vivek's Epicurean Supper Club here and visit Vivek's Epicurean Adventures for great recipes and food write-ups.