Instagram Accounts That Inspire Me

As of today, I follow 426 Instagram accounts. A lot of those are friends, some of those friends don't post anymore or hardly post at all so it's always fun to see on the rare occasion they do. I should probably go through that list and stop following the ones who aren't active but for the most part, the people I do follow are interesting, and I try not to follow "just because."

This list is of my favorite visually stunning accounts that I think you'll love. These are accounts where you can scroll... scroll... scroll and not be bored. These are also accounts that inspire me so I hope you enjoy!


Untitled Projects is my sister's company she started a couple of years ago. If I had to have only one source of inspiration, it's her - a person of impeccable taste and a keen eye for great design and packaging and form, her Instagram account makes me so proud to be related to her. Now if she'd just rub off on me a little, I'd be set.


Do you like baking? Do you like pretty things? Do you get inspired by an edgy sense of humor, clever captions and awesome taste? Libbie's your girl. The woman has the best wardrobe and shoes, she's SUPER cool, and... am I gushing? I'm gushing aren't I? I'm a big fan. HUGE fan.


Lydia is an illustrator in Singapore. Lately, I've developed a love for hand-lettering and hand-drawn illustration and Oak & Bindi's pop art, comic book style is right up my alley. It's also inspiring to see how someone has taken her passion and by sticking to it, she's now commissioned for murals and artwork. Plus she's also got great style.


I'm a sucker for animal accounts. @Oul (I guess his name's Louis) lives in Nashville by beautiful Radnor Lake, and he manages to capture pictures of animals in the funniest positions. Throw in his captions and you've got laugh-out-loud moments.


Talk about eye candy! Joy is a pastry chef in Sweden who makes the prettiest pastries and then takes even prettier pictures of them. She doesn't post a lot so I always look forward to seeing what she's baked.

If you have any suggestions on who to follow or any favorites of your own that inspire you, please leave the link in comments so I can check them out too!