Kilo - a thousand grams of delicious.

One of the epic meals we had while in Singapore was at Kilo, a locally owned restaurant and "watering den" according to their website. And just like their website, the food is simple but flavorful and an adventure worth taking your tastebuds.

It's best for groups because the appetizers are perfect for sharing between 3 or 4 people (so any more than that, order 2 of each dish).


Raw Seafood Ceviche - Tuna, Salmon, Octopus + really good guac.
Salmon Sushi + Crispy Chicken Skin

Left: Chili Lime Spicy Pork Salad. Right: Avocado Wasabi Tuna Tartare w/ Flour Crisps

Yep. Crispy chicken skin sushi. Someone in Nashville needs to get on that, like, yesterday. We also had a pasta dish (Angel hair with cream of Ebiko) that was so rich and so good.

The restaurant isn't enclosed or air-conditioned so you don't leave smelling like food. It's naturally cooled and ventilated thanks to open windows/walls, being on the 2nd floor and ceiling fans. A natural breeze from the green space and the river adds to how comfortable it is in there. One of my best friends had her wedding there and I hate that I missed it because it must have been beautiful in that great space. Oh, and when The Husband and I checked in on Foursquare, a note popped up saying that the producer of Travel Channel's The Layover recommends the restaurant! Hope the next time Anthony Bourdain goes to Singapore he's lucky enough to go there!

Kilo  |  66 Kampong Bugis, 2nd Floor  |