Music City Food & Wine Festival 2016

If I told you that you could get to eat food from some of the best restaurants in Nashville while drinking some damn good wine and beer in just two days would you be up for it? If you are, click the button.

If you want some more information then read on.

2016 Music City Food Wine Festival

Out of all the festivals that take place in Nashville, the Music City Food & Wine Festival is by far my favorite and it gets better each year. This is a two day, one night festival filled with fantastic food and drinks. You can buy a day pass to either or both days, or really treat yourself to everything the festival has to offer with an All-In pass that also gets you into the Harvest Night dinner event (which is already sold out so you'll need an All-in Pass if that's what you wanted to attend).

I've been almost every year and what I really enjoy about our festival is seeing the celebrity chefs (who you'd normally only see on TV) walking around and interacting with people. This is also a great opportunity to get to know the talented chefs who call Nashville home and believe me we are SO fortunate to have so many here. Check out this lineup

The main event during MCFW is the Grand Tasting where local restaurants and visiting chefs dole out food - if there are restaurants you haven't yet been to but have been meaning to check out, this is going to be your best chance to knock a few, if not all, of them off your list. You will not leave hungry because there's plenty to go around and you don't have to be shy about going back for seconds or fourths because WE ALL DO IT. Here's just SOME of what I ate last year.

There's also, from what I understand, good wineries and vineyards (hence the "& Wine" part of this) but since I don't drink, I'm going by what my friends tell me and they're never disappointed. Also that insane "dancing" that starts at around 3 o'clock also indicates that the alcoholic beverages do not disappoint.

The Martins BBQ and Friends area (first picture up top) is also not to be missed. Pat Martin and some of his chef/restaurant friends live fire cook everything. From whole hogs to chickens, that pit's ready to go by the time the gates open on Saturday and you just never know what you'll see cooking and get to eat, or who you'll see chilling out in the shade.

Be sure to check out the schedule of panels and demonstrations by your favorite chefs. They're usually a laugh a minute and also quite education. I personally love the panels because I get to listen to chefs talk about what drives them and what they love about their careers.

And it really wouldn't be a festival in Nashville without music. Harvest Night on Saturday is where Kings of Leon and their talented, beautiful friends perform while we chow down on more food.

Something new this year is the Pappy (as in Van Winkle and as in bourbon) Hour so if you're into bourbon and you're a fan of the Pappy Van Winkle distillery's fine goods, you'll want in on this because you get to do an exclusive tasting with Preston Van Winkle, Pappy's great grandson. More info here.

One more thing! Chef and festival co-host Jonathan Waxman is hosting a special Rosé lunch at his restaurant Adele's the Friday before the festival. Tickets are $55 for this special summer harvest lunch. He'll be cooking up a whole hog & Alabama white sauce; Lamb sausage; Kale salad; Cauliflower salad; vibrant heirloom tomato Panzanella salad; seasonal Bruschetta; Shrimp toast; Pizzettes, and more. All this plus rosé and rosé sangria! Tickets here.

Don't miss out, you probably already have friends who are going to MCFW and FOMO is never fun so here's that button one more time. Go on, you know you want to.