Things To Do In Nashville This Weekend

Need ideas for things to do this weekend? Here's a list and I recommend hitting as many of them as you can!

Friday 10/9 - Fireside Chat at Green Door Gourmet (LINK)

If you haven't been out to the farm at Green Door Gourmet, this is a great chance for you to do so  while meeting two people who are huge influences on southern food. "The rice man" Dr. David Shields and Nathalie Dupree (the Southern Grand Dame herself) are the guests at this intimate gathering and this is your chance to talk all-things southern food with them in a gorgeous setting.

Seating is very limited, there's just a few tickets left and you can purchase them HERE.

Friday 10/9 - Sunday 10/11 - Oktoberfest

Kicking off Friday night with a party at Christie Cookies, this year's Oktoberfest looks to be an even bigger party than it's been in years past with a zipline that takes you all the way through the festival and a beer slide which, honestly, sounds kind of gross. 

Know what's not gross? A PUPPY EFFING PARADE!!!! And, and, and, and? A DASCHUND DASH. That's right - a bunch of wiener dogs racing to the finish. It's already cute overload when I imagine it in my head, I can't wait to see it in person. 

The festival is free to attend and you will find more information and a schedule here.

Saturday 10/10 - Y'allsome at Whites Mercantile

Are you into shopping for Christmas or holiday gifts early? Or just shopping in general? Then this is a good day to stop by Whites Mercantile in 12th South to check out Y'allsome's pop-up shop. Plus, the Hattie B's airstream will be there so you won't go hungry! 

Click on the image to enlarge. Follow Y'allsome to stay updated! 

Sunday 10/11 - Dhaba Chophouse: VEA Supper Club at Fifty First Kitchen & Bar

Do you like good wine? Do you like good steak? Do you like a great atmosphere in which to consume said good steak and wine? 

Then this dinner is perfect for you. 


 I mean, COME ON.

I mean, COME ON.

This is THE VEA Supper Club of the year. Vivek and the Galzins (who own 51st Kitchen & Bar) have been planning this for what feels like a decade (really it's been more like, 2 years or something). Am I excited? 

Unrelated: That line from Never Been Kissed is on a loop in my head. You know the one: "Nothing but water and exlax till prom." 

Buy your tickets HERE before this dinner is sold out and it will sell out.