Pop My Cherry

I've always liked cooking and up till several years ago, used what I had on hand and I never really spent money on kitchen utensils. The fanciest thing I'd ever purchased was my Kitchenaid mixer in 2006 after we got married. That started me on my baking hobby, and it got me started down this path of buying quality equipment. Still, there are things that I've never really had the urge to splurge on like a garlic press (I use my knife), double boilers (finally got one for Christmas last year) and cherry pitters.

Thanks to the wonderful folks at OXO, I'm actually quite chuffed to report that I am now a proud owner of a cherry pitter that I've already used to pit a bowl full of cherries. I'm ALMOST embarrassed to say that I didn't do anything with them except eat them while watching tv but oh wow, cleanup was a BREEZE and there was no undignified spitting of pits.

It's SO easy to use, the plastic guard keeps things from splattering all over you which is a huge plus because if you've ever gotten cherry juice on a t-shirt, it's almost impossible to clean unless you get at it straight away.

I can't wait to use it more while cherries are still in season. I may even just get a bunch more, pit them and freeze them to use later on for tarts. Possibilities are endless now that I can get rid of pits easily. I'll definitely share the recipe/s when I make these treats!

Thanks OXO!!