Potato Head Folk: Singapore

There are so many things I want to tell you all about my trip back to Singapore! My sister got married and that day itself warrants two blog posts so I'll tackle that later. For now, I'll start with the easy highlights which, naturally, are about food.

I spent most of my time tagging along with my sister to her appointments and we met up with her colleague at Potato Head Folk for some burgers. The local food in Singapore can't be beat, but sometimes you just want a good burger and good western food.


A little history: Potato Head first opened in Jarkarta (Potato Head Garage) then expanded in to Bali where they have a boutique hotel and three bars on their property. If you're in Seminyak in Bali, I cannot recommend it enough for a meal or just drinks but most of all, for a killer view of the sunset.

Their third location is Potato Head Folk in Singapore. It's a restaurant and bar set-up and they'd JUST opened the weekend before so I'm glad we managed to get a table!

We split 2 burgers, slaw and something called Naughty Fries (Spiced béarnaise, beef chilli, crisp shallots, parmesan & sesame seeds). We weren't quite sure how big the burgers were so we figured sharing was a good bet. Given all the food we got, we were full but I can vouch that the burgers are the perfect size for one person, just get some sides to share.

The slaw was delicious - really crisp, fresh veggies, not overly creamy and refreshing enough that it balanced out those decadent fries.

For our burgers, we got the Honky Tonk (I kinda had to!!) which is a soya milk fried chicken, coleslaw, lettuce, hot sauce & den miso mayo, and the Burning Man, a burger with a 150g beef patty, cheese, roasted jalapeño relish, hot ketchup & dashi mayo. The Honky Tonk was the favorite.

Three Buns makes their own sodas and they apparently have really good cocktails but, as you know, I don't drink so I'll have to take my friends' words for it.


Potato Head takes up the entire corner unit shophouse with Three Buns' kitchen on the ground floor and tall tables for dining or drinks if you don't mind the heat. The next floor up is set up like a living room and this is the restaurant/dining area. I loved mid-century looking furniture against the colorful walls and accents. The next floor up is the bar that's by reservation only but they do have a rooftop bar (these are growing in popularity in Singapore) that I think doesn't require reservations.

It's a neat little spot in the Keong Saik area that already has lots of new, trendy restaurants and bars. Burnt Ends is nearby, then there's The Library, one of those password only, speakeasy type places that's been there for years and is still thriving.

Next time we're back in Singapore, I'll be taking The Husband to Three Buns. And who knows, maybe I'll try a cocktail!

Potato Head Folk/Three Buns | 36 Keong Saik Rd, Singapore 089143