Prima 2.0

Sadly, Prima has shut its doors. However, check out Josephine for a stellar meal by Andy Little! You won't be disappointed.

It was our first date night since Theo came along, in quite certain we wouldn't have done anything if the pediatrician hadn't specifically said, "go on a date." 

Since we didn't know when we'd get another chance I wanted this to be a meal I knew would be good. On top of that we celebrated Tyson's birthday AND his first Father's Day so the experience had to be good too. 

Prima had always been on our list of favorites. Recently the restaurant closed to make some changes and brought in Andy Little (originally of just Josephine but now he oversees both restaurants) who had been revamping the menu and food at Prima till they opened back up right before we planned to take a night off so it timed out great.

You have two dinner style options at Prima - a la cart or a tasting menu. We went with a la carte because everything on that menu sounded amazing. Pardon the pictures, they were taken on my iPHone.  We weren't expecting such a feast but the folks at Prima helped us celebrate The Husband's day so nicely, I wish I could reciprocate with decent pictures!

You cannot have dinner at Prima and not order one (or all) of Dean Gallagher's desserts. They're like works of art on a plate and always taste fantastic. Which reminds me, I need to go back to Prima for brunch just to have a few treats off their pastry cart!

We really enjoyed the evening there and our next go-round will be for brunch (I know I'm repeating myself but damn I get excited just thinking about it). The Husband and I would like to extend a HUGE thank you to Chef Andy Little and the team at Prima for taking such great care of us - the overall experience was wonderful.