Snacking, Singapore style

What I miss most about living in Singapore is the ease at which you can find snack foods if you're hungry. No having to go into a restaurant or cafe to sit down (though sometimes that's still an easy option thanks to food courts and hawker centers) but it's mostly the on-the-go type foods I miss. Packet food, if you will, where it's just in plastic bags (even drinks!) and it's easy to buy and eat while you walk and do things. 

It was comforting to see that a fruit shop in a mall I used to hang out in was still there. They have cut up fresh fruit like guava, rambutan, jackfruit (pictured), watermelon, and also the boring stuff like apples/oranges/pears, that you can buy for $3 or something ridiculously cheap. 

Then there's fishballs on a stick. Or giant pieces of fish cake. So greasy, so good. 

I'm still homesick, can you tell? I doubt that will ever go away. Click on the pictures for more details!