Style & Grace - Meeting The Sartorialist

This is why you have bookstores. This is why you shop local. If not for places like Parnassus Books in Green Hills, I would never have been able to get this picture.

I love scrolling through The Sartorialist for style inspiration and to just see how he captures people on the street. To many, me included, it's about the clothes, the people who wear them and the surroundings. But I also love the action shots, when a woman is sliding out of a car, or two girls are chatting, two boys are sitting by a river - with one shot, he tells a story or at the very least, that one picture lets my imagination wander. And now I can thumb through his second book Closer.

It was SO nice to meet him, to hear him talk a little bit about his life and what he loves. Kudos to my bud Zarna who actually managed to ask him a question that made him pause and think for a moment before telling us (and inadvertently showing us) how much and why he adores his girlfriend and her blog.

HUGE thank you to Parnassus Books for all the great in-store book signings. I can't wait for more! Pick up a copy of Closer at Parnassus or online if you must!