48 Hours in Birmingham: Woodlawn Cycle Cafe

Back in February I visited Birmingham and I realized I hadn't shared everything I loved about it. I knew the food scene was good, there are really solid coffee companies based there but one thing I didn't expect was the architecture and how tasteful a lot of the places I went to would be. Perhaps it's just where I chose to go, but everything was really chic, stylish and minimal without being pretentious and I loved it.

Woodlawn cycle cafe in birmingham

Woodlawn Cycle Cafe was one of these places a colleague recommended when I had some free time to roam. It's on 1st Avenue South in the Woodlawn area of town and if you drive too fast, you'll almost miss it, or in my case slam on the brakes and almost get rear ended by an angry looking woman driving a beat-up car she probably wouldn't have minded dinging up a bit.

They're a bicycling accessories store, coffee shop and restaurant in one and being the pain in the ass I can be I ordered an iced coffee which they prepare Japanese style (drip over ice). I got a few tips from the nice person preparing it for me and you can bet your butt I'll be attempting to make some at home!

coffee shops in Birmingham

Their menu had a good variety of snacks and food but I ordered the ramen (which hit the spot) and I know that when I'm ever back in Birmingham I'm making it a point to go back.