For Your Entertainment: Two things on YouTube I can't stop watching.

My friend Victoria turned me on to this cooking channel on YouTube about 2 years ago and, for a while there, I was watching it obsessively. Then life got in the way and I got sad. Well, I am sad no more and the obsession has resumed.

Cooking With Dog

Cooking With Dog is.. well, it's awesome. I decided to check in on it last night and holy cow, it's gotten even better and I've already bookmarked 3 recipes I'll be working on. The "mysterious chef" makes everything look so easy, and Francis is great at explaining and breaking it all down for you. 

So watch, learn and enjoy and thank me later.  

Chipotle's New Ad

Absolutely smitten by the new advertisement released by Chipotle promoting farm-fresh food and their new iOS game (which I just downloaded).  

This is a fantastic follow-up to their already delightful (and poignant) pig farm video from a few years back that I still enjoy seeing. You can check it out here