What's All This, Then?

Hello! You're probably here because you're one of the following: a supportive friend or family member who has clicked on this link because I asked you to (thank you!), you're a new mom or you're a mom-to-be (thank you as well and CONGRATULATIONS!).

I thought I'd tell you a bit more about what's motivating me and answer some possible questions you might have for me. Questions like:

+Is this blog for me?...

I went through a lot to finally get pregnant. As did The Husband, who I'll mention a lot but a lot of this is going to be from my perspective and my heart. I chronicle and write all this with moms in mind; women who:

  • Are new moms
  • Might be older like me (I’m turning 40 this year holy cow) but you can be in your 20's too, most of the posts will apply
  • Are business owners/entrepreneurs
  • Don’t want to have to sift through the sea of search results
  • Can’t stand going on those message boards on baby sites
  • Don’t have time to read all the books
  • Like nice things
  • Still want to have a life of their own when possible
  • Love being moms but still want to maintain a sense of self

+ What if I want to do my own research?

I'm not trying to take away from your personal needs if you want to do your own research or crowd source on social media. Will you want to ask your mom friends for advice too? Of course you will - I sure did and I encourage you to do that! Everything I post is my personal, honest outlook and opinion; I'm sharing the things I liked and that worked/is working for me. By all means google and ask the people you know too! Be as informed as you can be if you have the time. I'll tell ya, my biggest and best resource has been my friends who are moms who are either at the same stage I am or who have been moms longer than I’ve been.

+ I'm a dad/not the one who's pregnant, is this still for me?...

Yes. Even more so. Will there be posts about woman things? Sure but I'm here to tell you that you better get comfortable with "woman things" now because you're in for a WHOLE LOT OF IT. So yes, men, damn right this is for you too.

+ By the way, here's my first tip for you...

It can be very very isolating being a new mom so DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP AND GUIDANCE FROM THE PEOPLE YOU KNOW.

If there’s one thing I learned starting when I miscarried eight years ago it’s that I was not and am not alone and someone out there - lots of someones, in fact - has been through the same trials/tribulations I have.

As for me...

The Husband and I got married more than ten years ago and when we did we didn't have kids on our mind. We didn't even see it in our future and we got married because we love each other. Fast forward to 2009 when we started trying to get pregnant and sure enough we do the next year. Alas, things happen for reasons unknown and we wouldn't successfully get pregnant again till 2016. I'll fill you in on the details at some point, but for now I'm starting things off light with the easy things: registries, nursery/nesting, sharing my experiences with things like nursing, sleep (oh boy, sleep) and sometimes not so light things like postpartum depression and infertility.

I’ll be honest, I hmm-ed and haw-ed when it came to starting this blog up, mostly because I didn’t think anybody cared what I think or would be that interested. I also want to add that I'm not doing this to try and become a mom blogger (though if any brands out there wants to send me things that are of use to me/my child to try or review, I’m always open to that) but ultimately if I can reach or help just one new mom out there with this blog? Then it’s all worth it.

So that’s why I’m doing this.