A list of things I've learned over the past 11 months.

Theo turns 1 on May 1st. I can’t think of an appropriate reaction other than, “Holy shit.” The Husband and I have managed to keep a baby healthy and alive for a little over 11 months and we’re about to celebrate his first huge milestone.

He is our little miracle baby, our little rainbow baby, and he the child the universe has gifted us. He’s at this point laughing, kind of talking, he has five and a half teeth, he’s pulling himself up, walking on his knees… and he’s really really smart. Yeah sure every parent says that about their child but I am personally very amazed at how quickly he picks up on things and figures things out.

In the past almost-year, I’ve made a few… I guess you can call them observations and notes to myself about what it’s been like to have and take care of a baby. It’s a fairly long list that will constantly be updated as the days go by but in this first iteration I’ll try to keep it succinct.

Here goes:

They’re like Wolverine - their skin heals SO quickly. You can almost watch the little scratches fade before your eyes if you stare long and hard enough.

Things change so quickly that odds are when you finally notice, it’s probably already happened a couple of times. 

Zippers are WAY easier to handle than snaps/buttons.

I never knew something so little could throw up so much at once.

They see and hear and listen more than we give them credit for.

Moms, our bodies are friggin amazing. 

I still can’t remember things and am way more absent minded than I ever have been. I think.

Your baby is going to smell better than anything else you’ve ever smelled.

Speaking of smells you’re going to be sooooooo good at smelling for poop.

Squirt bath toys are fun until the mold starts building inside them. I’ve thrown most of them out already and I will not be buying more.

Does anybody actually finish using that last pack of diapers before going to the bigger size? (Oh speaking of, you can donate leftover diapers to the Nashville Diaper Connection).

Pyjamas are the best hand-me-downs to accept - used ones are SO soft.

Oh yes: treat yourself to some soft, button up pyjamas - very handy if you’re nursing.

There will be a day your boobs stop leaking.

Yes, your hair will fall out. Yes, it will stop. Eventually.

I hated having my period before, I hate it a LOT now. 

Food allergies suck.

Babies don't care what furniture/stroller/car seat you buy or use. 

God bless Doordash/Postmates/Uber Eats/Shipt/Instacart/Amazon/Prime now because some days it’s you need to eat or you’re suddenly out of diapers or formula and you can’t leave the house.

I’ve gotten really good at breaking down cardboard boxes.

I have personally preferred using my cuticle cutters to trim his nails more than the baby nail clipper sets you can buy. Way more precise.

Aquaphor is the best diaper rash/moisturizer/skin treatment I’ve used so far. I will warn you that it will leave grease stains on your clothes.

Speaking of - just put your dry clean only clothes aside for a while. Stock up on tops and clothes you don’t mind getting dirty/stained.

Thank god for pacifiers.

Babies are rather resilient. The only thing that could make them tougher is if they could literally bounce. Please don’t take this as me saying you can play fast and loose when handling your baby, DO NOT DO THAT. Handle with care. They’re not indestructible and they’re still fragile.

Really surprised I haven't had a broken nose or cheekbone or a concussion from coming into contact with his rock solid noggin on a daily basis.

There are very few things more awesome than making your baby laugh and hearing your baby laugh. And those things are:

When your baby smiles at you - the first time and every time
When he recognizes you and picks you out from across the room and smiles.
When he reaches for you.
When he plays with your nose to self soothe.
When you're the only one he wants to snuggle with.

I still can't believe I got to have this baby.

Can he just stay tiny and toothless forever?

Holy shit I can't believe it's already been a year.