An Update From The Little Mom Who Couldn't Engine

Irony is starting a blog to discuss balancing being a new mother and work life, and not having the time to update the blog because of being a mom and work.

Narrator: She can't.

Turns out, life comes at you fast and hard as the baby grows. Theo is almost at 15 months and our wonderful child who used to sleep 12 hours a night now wakes up at least once screaming, wailing crying between the hours of 1 and 4:30 a.m. We don't know why, it could be sleep regression (that seems to happen all the time) or teething or a growth spurt; no one truly knows. All we can do is stumble into his room, try to soothe him, lay him down and try a couple more times before he wears himself out.

He also now has two more foods he's allergic to: cashews and pistachios. Unlike eggs, these two nuts aren't prevalent in most foods so it COULD be easier to avoid. The egg thing still scares me and I have become that person at the restaurant going, "Sssss errrmmm are there eggs in [insert dish here]?"

In more positive news, day care has been great for my sanity because I have my house to myself for a few hours twice a week and it is glorious. If I want to vacuum, if I want to watch TV while I do work, if I want to play the piano I totally can and I can do it uninterrupted! Plus daycare has been fantastic for him in terms of his development! He's socializing and playing with other infants his age, he's getting the mental stimulation I don't always manage to provide and also different physical activities! It's so great and hopefully at some point soon I can have him in there daily.

On the blogging front, I have plans to move this blog over to its own standalone site and if you've subscribed to the newsletter you should be fine and migrate along with it. If by some chance the change cuts you off I hope you are willing to resubscribe. I will keep you all posted.

And if you're still subscribed in spite of my radio silence, thank you very very much. I appreciate your support, I appreciate you sticking with me through this!