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I recently downloaded an app on my iPhone that's pretty much replaced the Reminders app that comes default on the iPhone.

Checkmark – Available in the App Store now! from Snowman on Vimeo.

I like the fact that it takes just a couple of steps to add reminders, and you can set favorites with their own icons. E.g. I've set my location based reminders to my home, the grocery, pharmacy and the yoga studio I work from each week.

Sure, Reminders can do that too but it tells you as SOON as you get home but the problem is, when I get home I let my dogs out, I change out of my work clothes, maybe make a cup of coffee and by the time I've sat down to do my work I've probably forgotten what it was I was supposed to do. Checkmark lets you set location based reminders when you leave/arrive but you can also set a timer to remind you X number of minutes/hours AFTER you leave/arrive.

What's nice is that you can also do that in just 3, maybe 4 steps unlike Reminders which requires a few more, plus it makes you think and if I'm in a hurry and just need to set a quick reminder (plus I don't have the convenience of Siri) this is a great app to use.

Note: By "steps" I mean the various windows or "levels," so to speak, that the app makes you go through to get to the part where you save.


So, HOW do you do it in just 3 to 4 steps? Like so:

For location based reminders (image, below left):

  1. Tap Where at the bottom to get to your icons
  2. Double tap on the icon so say I can't forget to buy strawberries while i'm at the grocery, I go to my "Where" menu at the bottom and double tap on the grocery cart.
  3. Add "Strawberries" then tap on the little timer icon to the right to go off 10 minutes after my Arrival.
  4. Save

For reminders at a certain date/time (image, below right):

  1. Tap When at the bottom
  2. Enter what you need to do and when and if it's recurring (it's all in one window)
  3. Save.


What are your favorite checklist/reminder apps?


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