Alternatives to Instagram

Want to quit Instagram but not sure what to use? Here are a few of my favorite photo apps for the iPhone.


Add vintage filters, or really gussy your pictures up with a "Drama" filter. Snapseed has more editing options so you can tweak your pictures to your specifications. More so for the photography buff than a casual user because a lot more than just one or two steps is involved. 

You can then save and share to Twitter or Facebook.

For a great post on Snapseed, visit my friend Kim's blog.

There's also a desktop app that you can buy through the Apple Store for OSX.


Personally, this is my Instagram alternative of choice. This was another one of those apps that existed before Instagram and is probably the closest you're going to get to a photo sharing app (where you can also view your friends' pictures in one feed). They updated it a couple of weeks ago and have added filters so it functions a lot like Instagram does. You don't have to pay for your account but you can if you also want to upload a lot of higher res pictures from your computer.

Flickr will also allow you to share to Twitter, FB et al.

I'm on there if you are! Tabbulous, of course.


The OG Instagram, Hipstamatic brought all those old Holga-esque filters back to life through the iPhone. Unlike instagram, you have to figure out what "film" to use before taking a picture so it requires a little more familiarity with each one that comes with the app. You can also purchase new types of film for different sorts of effects. I think their goal was to make it feel like you're using a real camera so if you like that sort of thing, go for it. 

Hipstamatic also lets you connect to your various accounts (Twitter/FB/Tumblr even Flickr). I'm not a huge fan of this one, but I know some people who are. It's just not a very intuitive app and compared to ease of use of the other two apps, it's probably the last one I'd download out of the three of these.

Now, I'm not saying you should quit Instagram, and these apps are great even if you don't. But before you do, consider this.

Any other Instagram alternatives you guys like?

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