Use Somebody - one simple way to get more followers.

Any of you ever read Alfred Hitchcock's The Three Investigators? I remember thoroughly enjoying the whole series when I was a teenager - reading mystery novels was quite a passion. In one of the stories, the boys used their network of friends to source for information on a car's license plate number by each calling five of their friends, and asking their friends to call five more of their friends, requesting they do the same.

That's fifteen friends, calling five each, who call five more - brilliant. Needless to say, they found the car pretty quickly, all by using the telephone.

This same theory can (and should) be applied to your social media strategy - tell your friends about your business through your personal accounts, and even if they tell only five of their friends to tell their friends, your numbers will start to increase as word spreads. I don't mean call your friends, but that "share" button on Facebook and your tweets (and sometimes) #FollowFriday on Twitter exist to work the same way. Let's  not forget email.

Your friends are your best resource. Same goes for your staff - they work with you and (barring some lack in your own people skills) should love and be proud of working with you and for your company so there's no reason they aren't already telling their followers and friends about you. Use the intern you have who probably has over 1000 friends on Facebook. Leverage their numbers and social profiles and remember not to just let them sit and continue to properly manage your content.