A great app to organize your imagination - Mindnode

When I was 15, my parents enrolled me in a camp over the school holidays to help me learn to focus in school. One of the most valuable takeaways I had from that camp was using mind maps to organize my thoughts. 

These days I use mind maps to organize strategy, to help me clearly categorize plans of action and list them either by the different channels used (Twitter, FB, Pinterest etc), or by campaigns (contests, call-to-action, event participation). 

I must make the disclaimer that I am also a huge fan of pen and paper and it has helped me to use my trusty set of markers and my sketch pads but I am also a huge fan of having everything in one place. So when Kate O'Neill, one of Nashville's veteran marketers mentioned mind mapping software, I had to know and she turned me on to Mindnode. 

 Image from Mindnode.com.

Image from Mindnode.com.

Now when I meet with clients to go over what I'm going to do next, I can easily pull up a map and walk them through my thought process without them having to read through pages and pages. It's also going to be a great tool with which to take notes and meetings! It's such a great visual aid, and a fun tool and it's available for iPhone and iPad and desktop. I foresee myself using this a ton.

Visit Mindnode.com for more information on how this app can help you or go ahead an download it by clicking here.