The Problem With Facebook

You don't recall hiding friends yet you don't see what they post anymore. And while you think you're sharing that cute video of your baby or the super awesome video of someone you work with doing something mind-blowing, not everybody saw it. Your intended audience probably didn't even scroll past it! Why? Because Facebook.

Veritasium brings up some great stats and great insight into how Facebook forces businesses and users to promote their posts for exposure and is worth a watch because it will make you think again about how much emphasis you want to place on implementing your marketing on Facebook vs. say, Google+ or Twitter.

I, for one, could do without Facebook especially if your business provides a service to people. No one's going on Facebook to seek out a good coffee shop or a repairman, maybe it's time to consider focusing your time elsewhere and stop being so reliant on a service that, let's face it, doesn't care about whether YOU make money.